High Risk Manufacturers and Processors

High Risk Manufacturers and Processors


Exciting times!

But there is a lot to do...

If you are setting up a food business that makes or processes products that are high risk it is vital that you have all your food compliance sorted before your first day of trading. You will also have to arrange a 3rd party verifier to come and audit your business and its systems.

You will need to complete the following steps:

  • Register under the Food Act 2014 with MPI
  • Complete an Interview with MPI
    • You will need to register under either 
      • a"My Food Plan" registration
      • or you may need a Full Custom Food Control Plan
    • This will depend on the products you sell and how you make them
  • Build a Food control plan (or FCP) that fits your business
  • Write any additional policies and standard operating procedure guidlines
  • Design a records keeping system that fits your FCP
  • Pass a Verification audit with a third party verifier

Don't panic!

We can help with all of that...

    This package is for you if you are a manufacturer or processor of:

    • Baked products for sale to other businesses (including muffins and pies).
    • Food for babies.
    • Products that require refrigeration
      • (including ready-to-eat packaged meals and salads).
    • Fresh or frozen raw meat products for sale to other businesses.
    • Heat and eat pre-packaged meals.

    You will get:

    • A Custom Food Control Plan.
    • A 6-month subscription to FCP Log record-keeping system that lets you easily log what the verifier needs to see. You can choose a paper-based or an online system.
    • A production process map with risks and the policies your verifier will be looking for.
    • Coaching and advice on lab testing, labeling, and other compliance areas relevant to your business.
    • One-on-one training workshops to coach you on how to meet critical compliance requirements.
    • Pre-verification briefing to ensure your team is ready for the verifiers.
    • Ongoing email and phone support for your team.

    We will also:
    • Take care of your registration with the Council or MPI for you and organise your 3rd party verifier (auditor).
    This package includes your registration fee
    Prices start from

    $5,995* + GST

    We suggest you have a chat with us before you buy this package so we can be sure it covers everything you need. Book a call and we can talk you through the process, costs and timelines involved.

    *Fee is dependant on the number of products. Includes MPI registration fee. Does not include verification fees or the costs involved from labeling reports or lab testing.