High Risk Manufacturers FCP terms and conditions

1. Term and Schedule
  • This Agreement shall commence on the date this agreement is signed by both parties.

  • on the project as outlined in schedule 1 will begin once the 50% deposit payment has been received by the Supplier.

  • This agreement will run for the duration of the project as outlined in Schedule 1 and will continue until all the services and deliverables have been provided unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the terms set out below.

  • At the completion of the project as outlined in Schedule 1 no files will be released until all fees due and owing are paid in full.

  • This contract is non- transferable.

2. Charges
  • The Suppliers charges for the provision of services will be detailed in the client agreement.

  • This fee includes the cost of the first registration with MPI for your business

  • Invoices will be supplied dividing this payment into two equal amounts. The first payment will be treated as a deposit and will be paid prior to work commencing.

  • The second payment will be payable 30 days after the first payment is made. This payment will be due regardless of whether The Customers has met the requirements of clause 3.2 of the General Terms and Conditions.

  • The Supplier retains the right to enforce interest charges on any late payment.

3. Expenses
  • Costs associated with the following are expenses of The Customer and are not included in the fees charged by The Supplier;

    • your food control plan evaluated by an accredited evaluator where evaluation is required.

    • The cost of having your food business verified by an accredited verifier.       

    • Any costs associated with laboratory testing, including, but not limited to:

      • Environmental Hygiene Testing.

      • Shelf Life validation testing.

      • Product testing

  • The expenses covered above will be charged directly to The Customer by the relevant external agency.

  • No expenses may be charged by The Supplier to The Customer unless agreed in advance in writing or verbally by The Customer.  

4. Severability

If any clause no longer applies, e.g. if a court rules it invalid, the rest of the agreement will remain in place. The Agreement will continue as if that clause had not existed.